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Café Fears

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Day 50 - New Zealand Extended Cut

You'd think after being a freelancer for nine years I'd be swanning in and out of cafés like nobodies business but I still get heaps of anxiety. It's something I need to actively practice to keep expanding my comfort zone.

A trip to Arrowtown backfired today (I got too hungry waiting for the bus) so I walked along the beach of the Queenstown Trail to tackle @theboatshedcafeandbistro.

I've cycled past it around ten times but it's tiny little front door and mysterious windows make it tricky to scope out. I'm really glad I threw myself in there though. It's a little treasure trove and they make mochas the size of my head!

Oh and in other news, Visitors Visa is applied for. Let the gods of Aotearoa decide my fate!


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