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Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Day 55 - Extended New Zealand Cut

Cardrona Ski Resort

Road trip! Well, a mini one to Cadrona Alpine Resort

Our dawn drive took me back over the Crown Range for the first time since the Tour Aotearoa and the fact I cycled up that thing once upon a time is totally LUDICROUS. It just goes up and up and up. I am in total awe of the human body and my determination. At that point I was on day 28 of 29, the fittest I've been in my life and taking on the world! 😁

@Cardronanz was AWESOME. So many pistes to play with and some leftover snow made for some cheeky off piste fluffy adventures. There's something about riding a fresh line that makes me cackle uncontrollable like a 5 year old. Long may it continue 😊

The view from up top looked back across Wanaka and I had another moment. I could see for miles and miles and miles... And as far I could see was only a third of the distance I cycled that day!?

On the way to Wanaka we popped in the @cardronahotel. Last time I was here, I used their loo, bought a drink so I didn't feel guilty and pedalled up the crown range in the dark. This time was with ten people I didn't know a few months ago and a hundred or two ski folk. What a weird journey.

Oh and Wanaka threw on some fireworks. Just for icing on the cake of a perfect day.


(Colour added back home. I'd paid a lot of money to snowboard!!)


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