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I'm on a mission to create positive change with my creativity and I come alive when challenged to create artwork in the wild. Always aiming to inspire others to get out of their comfort zones, experience the world around them and make a difference along the way; one way that I do this is as an Expedition Artist. Here are some of my expedition highlights.

Joining Ocean Missions as an Expedition Artist on their citizen science program, I spent a week sailing in Iceland, collecting microplastics and cleaning up beaches. I'd wanted to visit Iceland for twenty years, had never sailed before and I'd be traveling with 15 total strangers. The result was magical.

Full Blog write up here 


In one of the more surreal moments of my life, I won a Facebook competition to trek to Everest Basecamp. I waited eighteen months to paint the majesty of the Himalayas... and was helicoptered off the mountain!

I was crushed. I'd developed HACE and Covid and things got pretty spicy. But there were plenty of learnings and I still came away with some artwork.

Blog - Not So Everest Basecamp

Blog - Not So Everest Basecamp Recovery

Nepal blog archive


One of the defining moments of my life was deciding to bikepack the Tour Aotearoa. A 3000km odyssey down the length of New Zealand. Except I wouldn't photo the 30 checkpoints. I would be the first person on the planet to sketch them all. Aimed as a deliberate step into the world of solo travel and collecting a portfolio to become an Expedition Artist. Little did I know that one day before leaving, a pandemic would cancel my flight. I would leave 26 months later with 250+ paintings.

"Tour Aotearoa 2020 - Sketching New Zealand on a Nicasio+" Marin Bikes

"The 'accidental nomad' who has spent a year sketching..."

"This artist is illustrating every place he visited during New Zealand lockdown" CNN Travel

"Artist sketches every hike on accidental year in New Zealand" NZ Herald

I'm actively looking for expedition opportunities so if you'd like to discuss ideas please reach out.

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