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"Doorstep Mile" Indecision

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Day 13 - New Zealand Extended Cut

The "doorstep mile" was TOUGH today. It was a beautiful crisp morning and perfect for a hike... but also the last day in my AirBnb up the top of a hill with stunning views. The temptation to stay indoors was strong.

After changing my mind three times I made it outside to do the Fernhill Loop track. I tried out a new maps app and it didn't refresh my location properly so I missed the entrance to the hike. Lucky for me though as by overshooting I learnt walking downhill was really very sore. If I didn't miss the turning then I wouldn't have found out until I was 900m up! All these Queenstown hills have absolutely smashed any previous physio I've done on my legs and boarding in a couple of weeks is looking problematic 😑

Maybe my reluctance to get outdoors was my bodies way of telling me to stop. Sometimes it's hard to tell!

At least tomorrow I move somewhere flat!


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