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Jacks Point Ride

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Day 54 - Extended New Zealand Cut

Remarkables from Jacks Point

Well I'm pooped!

I REALLY struggled to get up and out the door today. I still find it a bit odd going for adventures on my own and my duvet is far too cosy in all this Winter nonsense.

Boy am I glad I did though. It'd been bugging me that I'd only made it around Lake Wakatipu as far as Kelvin Peninsula. I had to know what was around the corner.

Assuming it would be just like the first 7km of gravel meandering along the side of a lake I only packed one OSM bar and aimed to reach the café at Jack's Point... You can see where this is going...

Turns out not all lakeside trails are flat! This one took me on a bit of a mad epic up and around one of most beautiful places I've been on the planet.

Absolutely knackered I made it to the one café in Jack's Point... Which was of course was closed!

Past me did well again though. Found another OSM bar and satsuma in my pack which gave me the energy to draw quickly and get back for a well earnt mocha.

Thanks New Zealand. Reminding why I should get out of bed 😅


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