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Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Day 12 - New Zealand Extended Cut

Queenstown Clocktower - Prints Available

I've finally sat still long enough for all the emotions of this bizarre travel epic to catch up with me.

As much as I'm INSANELY lucky to be camped out in Queenstown, I find myself feeling extremely detached. I'm not on holiday but I kind of am... I'm not at work but I kind of am... I'm in a country celebrating freedom from Covid but I don't get to stay... I'm an accidental digital nomad who can't travel anywhere else... It's exhausting!! Some well timed video calls have picked me back up and I'm really grateful for the people I have in my life. Even if it is an absolute sod that we can't all be in the same place. It's also OK not to feel OK under the circumstances!

Design is the clocktower in the centre of Queenstown. It's available as prints etc via my shop in my bio.

Keep going folks.


Thanks for reading! All my artwork is available as prints/mugs/posters etc.

My adventure content will always be free. I write it for fun! But if you enjoy my content and would like to support my time and creations, why not buy me a digital coffee?

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