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Kelvin Peninsula Ride

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Day 17 - New Zealand Extended Cut

Kelvin Peninsula - Prints Available

Clocking that I was feeling down from moving stress and domestic faff, I went full "adventure mode" and took Captain Brown Trousers out along the Kelvin Track.

It felt so good to don the cycle kit for the first time since the TA and be out and about for the sake of exploring. Just taking in surroundings and seeing what I can see. It's topped me up with feelings of curiosity, contentment and gratitude for where I am right now. "Oh THIS is why I'm in New Zealand!".

Eventually my nice little ride got me to Kelvin Peninsula and the trees didn't protect me from the wind any more. Wakatipu lake smacked me in the face with a big wintery storm while I sat on the beach and tried to draw the funky rocks I'd found.

Somehow, trying to draw in impractical weather, being battered by sideways rain is my happy place. Unlike on the TA, I had the right gear to keep warm so just cackled with laughter like some kinda high vis creative gnome on a rock. Good times.

Oh and nerd points. I ended the day playing a print-your-own boardgame which was surprisingly fun!

Frankton from Kelvin Heights - Prints Available


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