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Listening to My Gut

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Day 17 - New Zealand Extended Cut

Walter Peak Sketch - Prints Available

I've been in Queenstown for a month already!? Today was a self care challenge. It's opening weekend up on the snow slopes and getting to snowboard during this accidental NZ saga would be AMAZING!... Except I was completely burnt out from the "bread and butter" project I've been on all week. All my body wanted to do was stay in bed. Knowing my new housies were up there and feeling like I should make the most of my time was a tough mental battle.

My gut was screaming at me to rest, go for a cycle around the lake fronts and slow down with some sketches. So with the help of some friends I stuck to my guns and had a perfect day out.

I'm here seven more weeks. The snow isn't going anywhere :)

Remarkables Sketch - Prints Available


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