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Moving Flat - Queenstown

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

New Zealand Chapter... Three!?

Right as my next six month visa confirmed I found out I had to move. Again! 😒

House viewings intimidate me so when I moved to Queenstown I jumped in a house without even viewing it. This time I stepped up and did it properly. After a few viewings (mostly damp and mould themed) I'm now cosily based in a fancy new apartment building with @arthur0106 for the Winter. Literally moved across the carpark. (thanks universe) There's double glazing! I don't have to build a fire every morning! 🔥

With a bit of luck this will be the longest period of time in the last fifteen months where I actually know where I live. I've been in and out of a constant state of limbo since the beginning of 2020 so I'm looking forward to having an anchor until November.

I've also surprisingly enjoyed "grown up" moments that I suspect makes me middle aged. Buying furniture. Choosing bedding. Hanging artwork. I actually have a room that I've properly made home for six months 😊 (famous last words).


Thanks for reading! All my artwork is available as prints/mugs/posters etc.

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