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Post TA Depression

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Day 47 - New Zealand Extended Cut

Ah hello "post trip depression"!

Since diving in to the adventure community a couple of years ago I've heard a lot of chat on the inevitable low you get after a big trip.

The Tour Aotearoa took two years of planning, gave me purpose and threw me miles beyond my comfort zone. I've been long overdue a slump but with Covid turning everything upside down I just had to get my head down and cobble together an extended adventure. Now I've settled in to a house for a couple of months... Ooph it's hard to even get out of bed! (It's also just plain freezing!)

Fellow adventure-faces. How have you managed your post-trip blues?

(This is William Gilbert Rees. He's a dude. As is his sheep)


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