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Queenstown Houseshare Leap

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Day 16 - New Zealand Extended Cut

That time I moved in to a house without seeing it or meeting two of the housemates.

It's been a busy and somewhat testing couple of days. I'm a lucky chap in that @shewhodares' crew happened to be moving house with a spare room to shelter a Covid stray! We're all climbers and outdoorsy snowy types so that's me set for the next couple of months 😊 All the moving and meeting new folks really takes it out of you though. This is accomodation 33 of this trip-gone-bananas and I can feel the strain on my mental health.

I could have done without a whole day in problem solving mode as well! I tried to get a Kiwi number, the phone I bought was so cheap it wouldn't load a website to activate itself and then the Vodafone store in Frankton was an empty building! Nightmare!

On the plus side I get to sit still for a bit and immigration are now processing visitors visas. I live next to a bakery as well! Just got to be kind to myself and super on it with self care. This is all far from normal! 😑


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