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Solo Snowboarding

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Day 43 - New Zealand Extended Cut

The time difference over here means I can sneak in a day of snowboarding on Mondays, before anyone back home has woken up 😊

Today was the first time ever that I've boarded on my own. After getting over being inexplicably scared of getting a perfectly friendly bus, I made it up for lunch and had an absolute blast hiking above all the lifts and finding my own lines (through the rocks).

Riding solo was weird, but peaceful and stress free. There was no pressure to make group decisions. Just curiosity steering me and listening to my own body.

It also amazes me how being on your own suddenly opens up the super power of meeting people. There are friendly folk everywhere 😊

Note to self. Buy bulldog clips. I almost lost this drawing off @theremarkables!


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