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That time I won a trip of a lifetime!?

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Everest Basecamp Badge - Merch available.

It was just your average Thursday night and I leant over to turn off my bedside light...

*Ding!* An email pops up on my phone. It was from the Director of 360 Expeditions.

"You might want to check the announcement of our competition winner... just in case, y'know, you're the winner..."

Mild suspicion and confusion is raised.

*Checks website*. Nothing there.

*Ding!* Facebook message from friend "Woohoo, sounds like you won that trek then..."

Heart rate and confusion increase rapidly.

*Checks website and watches video announcing I've won a trek with @360expeditions

and goodies from @berghausofficial@cotswoldoutdoor and @powertraveller... Just because they wanted to do something nice!

Kilimanjaro Badge - Merch available.

WAAAAHHHHHH!!? 😄😁😅 Except wait... he pronounced my surname differently... so it technically could be someone else... I had to email to get it in writing. Maybe there was a "Tom Naper" out there and it was all an awkward misunderstanding... Maybe I was actually asleep and dreaming the entire thing.

Immediate reply. "Well that depends. Are you the Tom Napper who had a childhood dog called spot? If so then yes!.... Hahaha only joking, of course it's you!"


There I was trying to process an accidental second year in New Zealand and not being able to return to the UK still being a mess of Covid and now I'm off on an even bigger ruddy adventure!? Either Kilimanjaro or Everest Basecamp!? 😁 It was a surreal overwhelm of emotions and the closest I've felt to an out of body experience. Adrenaline. Excitement. Confusion. Disbelief. Why me!? I felt so many things all at once that I went in to shock and marched around the kitchen waving my arms like a wacky inflatable arm flailing tube man.

Kili and Everest Basecamp. Which would you choose!?

Kili Everest Basecamp Mashup - Merch available.


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