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Bush Creek - ALL the Water Crossings!

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Day 44 - New Zealand Extended Cut

Arthurs Pass from Bush Creek Prints Available

Aaaahaha what a day!

I met Brittany @bfry11 on the first night of my Tour Aotearoa. Being from California I never imagined meeting up five months later.

We went for a "nice cute walk from Arrowtown along Bush Creek". "Easy and accessible for all the family" "5km 1hr return" they said... Boy were we in for a surprise!

Almost immediately we had to cross the creek. Brit wisely deciding to save her non-hiking shoes by going barefoot. We were only on an easy walk after all...

Then we had to cross again.

And again.

And again.

And then again.

Oh... And again.

At no point were were able to confirm we were on the right track so we just kinda kept walking. All the time, conscious that we hadn't packed food and at some point we'd have to turn around.

More crossings. Losing sunglasses. More crossings. Trapped in a bush. More crossings. Hat dropped in river. More crossings. I haven't laughed so hard in months.

Then, just like that, BOOM! A super-view!!! Not the "water inlet" the trail said it would lead us to but wow it was worth the totally insane number of creek crossings. We climbed up the saddle next to us and I suddenly remembered an OSM bar and a satsuma. Split two ways we squirreled them down and started the march home.

Creek crossing... creek crossing...

FORTY CREEK CROSSINGS and six hours later, hungry to be point of delirium, we absolutely smashed our little walk 😂

Thanks Brittany! You can visit again 😊


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