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Choosing My Battles

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Day 56 - New Zealand Extended Cut

Old Shotover Bridge

I'm learning to see my misadventures before they happen!

Today was too nice to sit around so I geared up and headed for a lap of Lake Hayes (I took more food, I had a bag of crisps this time)

The Queenstown Trail was nostalgic as it was the views along it that lured me back here after lockdown.

I carried on past "Historic Old Lower Shotover Bridge" and pushed up the Countryside Trail wondering when the lake was going to appear. Another six kilometres!? I got as far as the start of Slope Hill"... "Nah sod it I'd rather go home and have a hot chocolate!" 😁

If I'd have pushed on I would never have had enough time to lap the lake. I would have ran out of water and probably got lost in the dark. Instead I have lovely sit by the river and drew the bridge. Making it home in time for a lazy Sunday evening.

Choose your battles! Choose hot chocolate.


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