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Painting from Wye Creek

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Queenstown from Wye Creek - Prints available

Queenstown is a tricky for someone who travels by bike because although there is 160km of trails in the Wakatipu Basin, if you want to go anywhere else the three exit roads will probably murder you 😕 This means although Wye Creek is pretty much in sight of my current house it's been just out of reach all year.

Luckily I made adventure buddies up Luxmore so @adrian.l.jh and I hit it for a day walk. @tectonic_tammy joined and we wandered up the rather steep Lower Wye Creak Track. It was a bit of an odd one in that all the amazing views are at the beginning. Then it just kind of follows a river up a valley... further... and further. Eventually we gave up and turned around because we figured all the best bits had long passed. It was frustrating not seeing what was up the valley but group votes are always safer and I still had a perfectly good day out in nature. We cracked out the paints and turns out Tammy has some sneaky art skills! I find it amazing how two paintings of the same thing can be so different and I'd love to paint with the texture she does. Heck knows how she does it. There were sponges. Tissues. Literally pouring water on the page 😅

All in all a nice little day trip.


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