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"Seven Mile" Wakatipu Explore

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Day 7 - New Zealand Extended Cut

Lake Wakatipu from Seven Mile Prints Available

What a day! To make up for the yesterday's rest day I went for my first "proper ride" since the Tour Aotearoa. Well. Kinda. I didn't leave until midday but it still counts!

I attempted to ride to Bob's Cove and quite quickly learnt that if a trail sign doesn't include signs for bikes it doesnt mean "it'll probably be fiiiine". I found myself picking my way through rock gardens and walking lots. I loved every minute of it though as it reminded me a lot of the messier tour days.

I also learnt that things are a lot further away than they look on a map. Who knew!? I only made it about half way to the cove before deciding to turn back while it was light. I did discover a sneaky little trail park though. That needs another visit!

Snow arrived overnight and the mountains look even more incredible. I keep pinching myself that I'm even in this situation


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