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Ben Lomond Saddle - Unexpected Wanderings

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Day 10 - New Zealand Extended Cut

Well that was unexpected.

I've been feeling really conflicted between "I SHOULD get on with some work" and "I SHOULD be making the most of every minute in this place. I went for option c) and stayed in bed all morning 😅

The afternoon I decided to challenge my fears of "not being productive enough" and took myself (and a pie) up the Tiki Trail instead. A short, steep, one hour hike up to the gondola station. It was mad. It was like a giant threw a load of rocks in the forest and just kinda went "there... climb up them". Great fun and scrambly in places.

Curiosity got the better of me at the Gondola station because I'd seen from town that there were ridges and hikes even further up. I had to gamble with the fact it would get dark in a matter of hours and the whole peak was covered in snow. SNOW IN JUNE. Madness.

I laughed when one sign said it would be two hours back to Queenstown... so I pushed 30 minutes higher and another sign still said 2 hours!? I had time travelled.

I made it as far as a decent view where curiosity got the better of me again and I proceeded to give myself mild vertigo tottering along a snow covered ridge. I concentrated on my breathing and reminding myself that I could normally walk in a straight line... and nothing had changed so I probably still could... so just concentrate on that and I don't fall to my death! 😦

Remarkably I made it back to the house without slipping over once. All in time for tea. Not bad for an impromptu afternoon out!


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