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First Solo Hike - Queenstown Hill

Day 2 - New Zealand Extended Cut

The Remarkables from Queenstown Hill Prints Available

Took myself for my first solo hike! I've had a couple of weeks off the leg so that it's as healed as possible for Queenstown antics. Seems like it was worth it as I just made it up Queenstown Hill!

Armed with winter kit I was completely overdressed for the couple of hour tramp in the sun but I did have to laugh as a couple argued about how slow they were taking in heeled ugg boots 😊

I thought a solo walk would be boring but the tranquillity was lovely. Spending some proper time in front of the Remarkables was great too. I first saw these riding like a lunatic to catch the Earnslaw and wished I could see them again. Good ol' fate has taken care of that.


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